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"What should I do if I cut myself shaving my pubic hairs?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if I cut myself shaving my pubic hairs?


I was trying to shave 4 days ago and ended up nicking myself. I stopped shaving and treated the cut and finished the next day but it still hurts and is very puffed up. Was this the right thing to do? I really didn't want to get an infection.


One of the dangers of shaving any part of the body - and especially the pubic region, as it is difficult to visualize well and has more uneven angles, is a nick or cut from the razor. I think you did the right thing initially, which was to stop shaving and treat the cut. Most of these minor cuts can be treated just with topical antibacterial ointment. With this, they should start to get better in a few days. However, sometimes antibacterial ointment is not enough and the cut gets really infected. Sometimes, these infections can spread through the skin and can be a serious enough problem that they need to be seen and treated by a doctor. If you have any fever, if the area is very painful, or if you notice significant swelling, pus, or spreading of the redness around the cut then these are all signs that the infection may be worsening. If you notice these things, then you should definitely be seen by your primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor will be able to take a look at the affected area and decide whether the infection is progressing or serious enough to be treated with prescription antibiotics.

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