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"Do flat chests make me less fertile?"

ZocdocAnswersDo flat chests make me less fertile?


I want to have children but read that breasts are a big fertility sign. My period has always been really erratic too.


Breast size does not have any predictive value to ones fertility. Both large breasted and small breasted women can be equally fertile. However, your report that your period is very erratic does worry me, especially if you have had trouble getting pregnant. This is because erratic and irregular periods are sometimes associated with cycles where ovulation does not occur. When ovulation does not occur, pregnancy can not happen on that cycle. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. The two of you can discuss your periods and how often they occur. It would be helpful for you to bring with you a calendar that shows the dates and lengths of your last 3 periods. Your doctor may do some blood work to look for key hormones that are responsible for keeping your cycles regular. If there are any other obvious reasons why your periods are irregular (if for example you are underweight), then this can be addressed as well. Another reasonable plan would be to have you attempt pregnancy now for the next 12 months (if now is the right time). It may be that you will have no trouble getting pregnant, and going through a bunch of tests would be unnecessary. If you are not successful, then you and your partner can undergo a fertility workup.

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