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"Will losing weight get rid of stretch marks?"

ZocdocAnswersWill losing weight get rid of stretch marks?


I have pretty bad stretch marks. Will losing weight help them seem less unsightly? They're all over the place.


I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with stretch marks! This is a very common medical problem and, unfortunately, there is no easy medical solution. Stretch marks tend to develop during periods of weight gain; then, when weight loss occurs, the skin relaxes, and the marks may actually appear worse. Therefore, I suspect that losing weight will not help your stretch marks immediately appear less noticeable, and it may actually make them worse at least temporarily. Your first option when dealing with stretch marks is simply to wait them out. For example, the early reddened or purple stretch marks do tend to fade over time to a whitish or silvery color, which may be more acceptable to you. Your next option is to go see a dermatologist. There are multiple approaches to stretch marks which may or may not be effective for you, depending on the age and severity of the marks. For example certain topical retinoid creams are used with variable success. Similarly, some dermatologists use laser treatments or chemical peels to change the appearance of stretch marks. The only way to determine whether or not these options will work for you is to talk to your dermatologist. One word of warning - avoid most over the counter 'stretch mark' creams as these tend to be nothing more than fancy and expensive lotions!

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