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"Will drinking more water help get rid of stretch marks?"

ZocdocAnswersWill drinking more water help get rid of stretch marks?


I was told it had to do with dehydration. If I drink eight cups a day will my stretch marks go away?


When did these stretch marks begin? Have you had a large weight gain or weight loss episode recently or at some point in your life, or did you have a growth spurt earlier in your life? Are these stretch marks along your trunk, arms, breasts or all over your body? Have you tried any other methods to decrease the stretch marks that you have noticed? Along with your medical history, presenting symptoms and physical exam, the answers to these questions will help your primary care doctor best decide upon the appropriate work up and possible treatment options available. for you. In general, there have been many studies that have looked at potential treatment options for stretch marks and to date, there are not many methods that are shown to work well in all situations and in all people. Of course, there are some people that swear by various items, such as coconut oil, etc, but for the most part, these are anecdotal and not medically proven methods to treat stretch marks. Avoiding dehydration has many benefits but whether it helps with stretch marks is still unknown.

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