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"Has my husband lost his sex drive because of our financial troubles?"

ZocdocAnswersHas my husband lost his sex drive because of our financial troubles?


We are running out of money since my husband and I both lost our jobs and we are both very anxious all the time. Is there a way to remember that we still have each other and to start having sex again? My eye has started to wander.


I am sorry to hear about your financial situation that consequently affects your marital relationship. You have asked if your husband's loss of sex drive is the result of your financial troubles. Indeed, there are many psychological causes of low libidos or totally absent desire for sex. They include, but not limited to, mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and financial stress due to job losses as in your situation. But loss of libido is not something you have to live with. What are some ways to remedy it? Perhaps doing exercises together not only brings some closeness between you but also relieves stress to help boost libido as well as it enhances your general health and well-being. For many women, emotional closeness is an essential prelude to sexual intimacy. It may help to remember the reasons that you have fallen in love with each other. Some long, honest talks is one possible solution. Communicating your needs and concerns of the ongoing issues that are threaten your relationship may help improving the connection. You might also try cuddling rather than having the intercourse to foster closeness. Compatibility is the key and it is essential to work through discrepancies in your relationship to arrive a solution. If the problem continues to persist or becomes worse, I suggest that you see a doctor who might or might not refer you to a sex or marriage therapist. Best of luck.

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