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"What is the best procedure to remedy small umbilical hernia?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the best procedure to remedy small umbilical hernia?


My belly button has turned into an "outy". Pretty sure it's an umbilical hernia. I'm 41. Pretty active. I like to exercise/lift weights.


It does sound like you might be developing a hernia! Umbilical hernias as you probably know are causes when the muscles in the abdominal wall develop a weak point, which allows the stomach contents (fat or organs) to bulge out. Unfortunately, hernias do not tend to get better on their own in this location. In fact, they tend to get worse as the weakness or defect in the muscles tends to worsen, and lifting weights may worsen this. The only real way to fix an umbilical hernia is to have surgery. Fortunately the surgery is very minor, and it does not usually require that you stay in the hospital overnight. I would recommend that you talk to your primary care doctor first, who can confirm the diagnosis of hernia and then make a referral for you to a general surgeon to set up the surgery. In the meantime, the main risk of a hernia is that the abdominal contents can slide through and become trapped or "strangulated" cutting off blood flow. Therefore if you ever notice that the bulged does not slide freely in and out or if you develop sudden abdominal pain or other concerning symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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