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"What could cause vaginal pain in a 15 year old?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause vaginal pain in a 15 year old?


My daughter complained about pain in her vagina even though she says she's never had sex. What should we do


Pain in the vaginal area is not that uncommon in women of any age. Sometimes pain from menstrual cramping gets mistaken for vaginal pain. Menstrual cramping can be very severe in girls her age. Thus, I would be interested to know if her pain seems to come in a cyclical nature. Pain in the vaginal area can also occur secondary to infections within and around the vagina. These infections can occur with or without having had sex in the past. If your daughter is experiencing any increase or change in her vaginal discharge that is associated with this pain, then this may lead to the diagnosis. No matter what she has, she should be seen by doctor sooner than later. Your first step should be to schedule an appointment for your daughter with her pediatrician. He or she can take a detailed history of your daughter's symptoms and perform a thorough physical exam. Her doctor may need to do a pelvic exam to look for any abnormalities or infections in her vagina. She may also take samples of any vaginal discharge that she may be having. Hopefully her doctor will be able to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan. Her doctor may request the opinion of an OBGYN.

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