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"Is this a serious skin condition?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this a serious skin condition?


I have a 10 yr. old daughter who has recently gotten itchy raised red bumps that start out with a pimple in the middle , one on her back, crease in her elbow, and now one forming on her leg! I thought these were spider bites at first but they seem to keep forming in random places. Help? Thank you!


Has your daughter had any exposure to any bugs recently, such as being outside or any animal contacts? Has she had any recent fevers? Has she ever had anything like this in the past? Are there any sick people in the family or that she has interacted with recently? Has she had a recent viral or bacterial illness? These are important questions and the answers to these questions, along with your daughter's medical history, clinical exam, and presenting symptoms will help your primary care doctor decide upon the appropriate work up and diagnostic studies. This may include lab tests, and imaging studies depending on what he or she finds. In general, it is very possible that these rashes are benign in children and might be related to recent viral illness, etc, but because there is a possibility that these could be signs of something more serious, it is important that you are evaluated by your pediatrician as soon as possible to further evaluate these lesions and decide upon the appropriate work up and diagnostic testing that would be required. Of course, seeing your pediatrician is the first step to learning what the possible causes are for this.

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