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"Why does my arm hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my arm hurt?


I recently started a workout program and i have been feeling great up until today i went swimming and a little bit before i got out of the pool i noticed my right arm was sore and when i tried too lift it it was so painful i can barley move it without being in pain it is sore in my shoulder blade area what can i do too get some relief or should i see a doctor?


To begin with, here are some questions to consider. Have you noticed any weakness, numbness, tingling, or pain associated with movement in your arm or with your shoulder? Do you feel any pain or tenderness in your shoulder or with certain movements? The answers to these questions, along with your medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical exam will help your primary care doctor decide upon the appropriate work up and potential treatment options available. This may include imagines tests or referral to a specialist depending on what is found. In general, it is not uncommon to see new aches and pains associated with new work out regimens and so it may be that this is totally normal and will resolve with time, rest, ice, and antiinflammatory medications. Of course, there is a risk that this could be something more concerning and that is why it is important that you are evaluated by your primary care doctor because he or she will best be able to decide upon the appropriate work up. It is very difficult to assess your shoulder pain over the internet and so for this reason you should be evaluated by your primary care doctor.

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