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"What kind of rash do I have?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of rash do I have?


I keep getting a rash, feels prickly not itchy third time in a month. tired of doctors with no answer, and only prescribing oral and topical steroids. treating at home with allergy pills and steroid cream..goes away and comes back


Here are some questions to consider that might help determine the cause of this rash. Have you had any sick contacts that are close to you that have had similar symptoms? Have you ever had anything like this before? Have you found there is anything that makes the rash better or worse? Do you have any history of asthma, allergies or lung problems? These are important questions to consider and discuss with your primary care doctor who will be able to take this information, along with your medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical exam and decide upon the appropriate work up and potential treatment options if there are any available. He or she may decide to order some lab tests or imaging studies or refer you to a specialist depending on what is found. In general, there are many causes of the rash that you describe and without being able to evaluate it in person, it is very difficult to assess and tell you what is the cause of this. For this reason, it is important that you are evaluated by your primary care doctor or a dermatologist as they will best be able to help you find out the cause of this rash.

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