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"Why has my neck hurt for two days?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy has my neck hurt for two days?


i woke up one morning and my neck was hurting me so bad, i kept exercising it and them it when away what could be the cause of this


Before we get into the possible answers to this question, here are some questions to consider. Does the pain stay mainly in your neck or does it travel down your spine, arms or legs? Have you ever had any problem like this before or have you had surgery on your neck before? have you noticed any weakness, numbness, tingling or problems with walking since the time of this neck pain onset? Does anything make it better or worse? These are important questions to consider and discuss with your primary care doctor who may decide upon further workup which may include imaging studies or a referral to a specialist. In general, neck pain for two days may just be straining of the muscles along the neck, although there is a risk that this could be something more concerning and for these reasons it is important that you are evaluated by your pcp who can better decide upon the appropriate next step. Things to watch for include worsening weakness, numbness, tingling or changes in your walking pattern, or if you develop electric pains that shoot down your arms or legs. This can be a sign of something serious and may warrant further evaluation urgently.

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