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"Why are my finger tips painful?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my finger tips painful?


Small itchy blisters on my fingers


Have you ever had anything like this before? Does the pain go through the entire finger or just at the tips? Is it every finger or just certain fingers on one hand? Have you had any recent trauma to your fingers? Have you had any sick contacts near you with similar complaints or handled anything recently that may have caused an allergic reaction? the answers to these questions along with your medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical exam will help your primary care doctor decide upon the appropriate work up and treatment options that may be available. This may include lab tests or imaging studies or perhaps a referral to a specialist depending on what is found. In general, based on your description it is very hard to know what the cause is for these blisters that you are experiencing but that is why it is important that you are evaluated by your primary care doctor who will be best able to evaluate these lesions and decide upon the appropriate treatment.

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