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"Does my doctor know I'm addicted to drugs?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes my doctor know I'm addicted to drugs?


I have been on pain medication for years now. I signed a pain contract. Does my doctor think I'm addicted?


Here are a few questions to consider that may help answer this question better. Have you noticed that you have increased the usage of your pain medications recently or that the original relief that the pain medications brought has diminished? Do you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or any other addictive personality traits such as compulsive gambling? Do you believe that you yourself are addicted to drugs, because the question you pose states "Does my doctor know I'm addicted to drugs" which would presume that you are indeed addicted. These are important questions and the answers to these questions,along with your medical history and presenting symptoms will help your primary care doctor decide upon he appropriate work up and treatment options. This may include a referral to a specialist. In general, pain contracts are signed for a variety of reasons, but they may include concerns that you will try or have tried to obtain pain medications from other sources or from illicit forms. It is best to discuss this with your primary care doctor who will best be able to evaluate and treat your possible addiction.

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