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"Is it safe to travel on the plane?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to travel on the plane?


i have had a detached retina surgery on my left eye 2 years ago. I didnt help my vision. i see nothing out of it.


Air travel after retina surgery can be a problem, depending on the type of surgery that one has. In particular, a type of surgery called pneumatic retinopexy, in which a gas bubble is injected into the eye to hold the detached retina back in place, is problematic. This is because, with the change in cabin pressure while flying, the gas bubble can expand rapidly, leading to extreme pressure shifts inside of the eye. This restriction is usually just in the weeks following surgery, as the gas bubble does slowly dissipate. So I do not think that travel at this point, now that you are two years out from the surgery would be a problem. People who have had retinal detachment in one eye can be prone to detachment in the other eye as well. If you have had any recent surgery or concern for retinal health in your good eye, you should definitely see an eye doctor prior to travel. Additionally, if you have any other questions about your retinal health, you should ask your eye doctor.

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