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"Why did I notice a numbing and tingling feeling in my leg the day after I had neck pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy did I notice a numbing and tingling feeling in my leg the day after I had neck pain?


I was there for a couple of hours and them it went away


There are many reasons why you may have experiences some numbness and tingling in your leg. I think the good news is that it has gone away after just a few hours; this makes the likelihood that it was something serious much less. Nevertheless, if the symptoms return or worsen you should talk to your doctor about them. The most common cause of leg numbness and tingling is just pinching a nerve inside the leg, usually due to position. For example, this is common if you have to sit still for a long time in cramped quarters, like on an airplane. Usually moving around frequently is enough to prevent this. Numbness and tingling could also be caused by problems with the lower spine, such a s a bulging disc; usually there is also back pain that goes along with this. Less commonly, problems with the spine in the neck can produce similar symptoms, although these are usually worse, and also involve the hands. I think it is unlikely the neck pain was related to the leg symptoms. However, if you have a history of cervical spine problems or neck injury, this would be more concerning. Talk to your primary care about this issue, especially if the symptoms recur or worsen.

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