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"What are the best methods for guaranteed conception?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the best methods for guaranteed conception?


I am a woman with a child from a previous relationship and now my new fiancee and I are trying to conceive as we have been for the past 8+ months but have not been successful as of yet. Any tips?


The answer to this question depends somewhat on how old you are. If you are under the age of 35, then I would mostly just encourage you to keep trying, as it can often take people in this age range up to 1 year to conceive. Most couple, however, will be successful by 1 year. If you are over 35, then time is working a bit more against you, and many doctors would start an evaluation for infertility after 6 months of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. Some basic techniques can help. Most important is having regular sex, preferably every 2-3 days. This is especially important around the time of ovulation, and you may want to consider one of those ovulation kits, which you can get in your local pharmacy, to help better time this. When you do have sex, avoid lubricants as these can sometimes interfere with the ability of the sperm to get where they need to go! It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you are trying to get pregnant. In particular smoking, alcohol, and drugs can all lower your chances of conceiving. If you have more questions about this issue, talk to your OB GYN doctor!

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