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"Why am I getting migraines? What are the symptoms of migraines?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I getting migraines? What are the symptoms of migraines?


I am a 15 year old female and i have had a bad headache that feels like someone trying to push its way out of my head. I already get dizzy from when i stand up so it just makes them worse. I dont know if this relates to this or not but for a couple of years i have noticed that my hands are real shakey. Also in my mom side of the family high blood pressure runs in the family.


A migraine is different from a regular headache in which it is a recurrent headache that has additional symptoms. Unlike a regular headache, people with migraines experience pulsating, throbbing pain that is located primarily on one side of the head, sometimes associated with nausea, visual changes and other symptoms. People also find that light, noise, or smells may bother them or make them feel worse. Your dizziness can be a symptom of a migraine. Other symptoms include diarrhea and lightheadedness sometimes followed by fainting as well as pins and needles sensations in an arm or leg. Do you usually get auras, a kind of warning that a migraine is on its way? The most common auras are blurred visions and seeing spots, various shapes, or bright and flashing lights. Less commonly, an aura may be associated with limb weakness, decreased sense of coordination, or even have speech or language problems. What exactly causes migraines is not completely understood. However, many experts have agreed that genetics may play a role. As well, emotional and lifestyle factors, such as changes in diet, intense physical exertion including sexual activity, sleep deprivation, certain medications, hormone changes, or stress, may trigger or worsen a migraine. What you have described your "migraines" is concerning that I would recommend a visit to a physician specializing in headache management, often a neurologist, to make sure that the headaches are in fact migraines and not something else. In addition, you should try to find out why your hands are shaky. A neurological evaluation is necessary to determine the underlying cause since there are a number of conditions. To name a few hand tremors are often associated with Parkinson's disease or hyperthyroidism, but these conditions often affect older age groups. You have stated that you have shaky hands for a couple of years. Such chronic tremors that come and go over a long period of time can be due to serious, on-going diseases. Please see a pediatrician for a consultation and possible referral to a neurologist.

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