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"Why is the roof of my mouth always sore?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is the roof of my mouth always sore?


I?m in my mid-thirties and have no medical problems, but the roof of my mouth hurts all the time. Only medication I take is over the counter allergy pills.


If this problem has been going on for some time, then I recommend getting in to see your primary care doctor for a check up. They will be able to make sure nothing serious is going on. The most common causes of a sore mouth would include the following. 1. Drinking lots of hot liquids. Essentially this would just be a burn of the roof of the mouth and it could be fixed by staying away from the really hot liquids or foods. 2. Smoking or chewing tobacco. Tobacco products are very irritating to the mouth! If you use tobacco, then stopping will almost certainly clear things up! 3. Heartburn or acid reflux disease. When the acid from the stomach washes up into the mouth, it causes chemical irritation, leading to soreness at times. This could be fixed by taking an anti acid medicine. 4. Infection with yeast (thrush). This is not common in healthy adults, but can occur, or can be a sign of an immune deficiency (such as from diabetes). If you have thrush, you should noticed whitish areas caked onto the roof of the mouth. Your primary care doctor will be able to consider these and other possible causes and help you figure out what to do!

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