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""If I put off repairing an inguinal hernia, can I still work out?""

ZocdocAnswers"If I put off repairing an inguinal hernia, can I still work out?"


I have an inguinal hernia but can?t afford to repair it for a while. Can I still do my work out routine (push ups, sit ups, running, etc.?)


I am sorry to hear that you have a hernia! As you probably know, an inguinal hernia occurs when a defect in the muscles of the abdominal wall allow contents of the abdomen to push downward, creating a bulge in the groin. Hernias do tend to worsen over time, so you will definitely have to get this fixed eventually. Similarly, things that causes straining of the abdominal muscles will put pressure on the hernia and make it potential enlarge more quickly. This is why symptomatic hernias are more common in people who do a lot of heavy lifting. What this means from the perspective of your work out routine is that you should avoid any exercises that involve straining, holding your breath, pushing, etc. This basically means all weight lifting, sit ups, etc. On the other hand, most forms of aerobic exercise are probably ok, as they do not involve this kind of straining activity. Swimming can be particularly good because it is very low impact. If you develop persistent or severe pain in the hernia, this might be a sign of a serious complication, called strangulation. This can be a medical emergency, and you will need to get it checked out right away. Please discuss with your doctor for more information.

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