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"Does age affect how the body handles caffeine?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes age affect how the body handles caffeine?


My daughter is 15 years old and drinks a coffee drink from Starbucks every day before school. She also drinks soda and energy drinks. Is this a danger to her health?


Some further questions might help you answer these questions. Does you daughter notice any problems with sleeping at night, difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep, or waking up and not feeling well rested? Does she have problems falling asleep in class or at inappropriate times? These are important questions to consider and the answers to these questions, along with your daughters medical history, presenting symptoms, and clinical exam will help you daughter's primary care doctor decide upon the appropriate medical work up and possible treatment options available. Your daughter's primary care doctor may be best able to evaluate what effect this amount of caffeine has on your daughter's body. In general, there are many studies that both support and go against the intake of caffeine, and so it is likely that it is probably safe in moderate amounts and it is not well known what the effects of large doses of caffeine are and so sometimes the best thing is to attempt to wean her to a moderate amount of caffeine per day. Your doctor will best be able to go over this further with you and perhaps help you with this.

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