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"Could an eye injury make me nearsighted?"

ZocdocAnswersCould an eye injury make me nearsighted?


All the sudden I can?t see very well at long distances. Why would this happen so suddenly? There is a lot of dust in the air in the warehouse where I work. Could this be the problem?


I highly suggest that you get in to see your eye doctor to discuss this issue. There are several possibilities here. One is simply that you have had a gradual, slow change in your vision over time. This is quite common and it can be initially imperceptible if it is not very severe. Therefore, sometimes people feel like they all of a sudden cannot see well when in fact it is a problem that has been going on for some time. Your eye doctor will be able to determine if you are in fact near sighted. Futhermore, eye allergies (called allergic conjunctivitis) or local irritation of the eyes from contaminants in the air (such as dust, smoke, etc) can indeed lead to a sensation of blurry vision. It sounds like the environment you work in might have a lot of air contamination, so this is definitely a possibility. Often the eyes are also red or itchy. Again, your doctor will be able to determine this for you. Finally fatigue or strain (from lack of sleep for example) can sometimes cause the sensation of difficulty seeing. Start by seeing your eye doctor who will be able to help you sort this issue out.

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