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"Should I talk to my doctor before taking a multivitamin everyday?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I talk to my doctor before taking a multivitamin everyday?


Was thinking about starting to take some vitamins. Are there any health risks in all the sudden starting a vitamin regimen? I am 32 years old and female.


Generally speaking, the vitamin formulations found in a daily multivitamin are designed to be safe for most people who are in general good health. Therefore, unless you have a complex medical problems, you can safely begin taking a multivitamin. Of course, it goes without saying that you should take it exactly as directed on the bottle. This same general principle does not apply if you are taking other forms of dietary supplements, or high doses of particular vitamins, as this is more likely to have side effects or consequences. You should always check with your doctor prior to doing this. Similarly, taking a daily multivitamin shouldn't be a substitute for getting a professional assessment of your nutritional and vitamin needs. For example, many women have a diet that is deficient in calcium and vitamin D, nutrients which are essential for building strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. Taking a multivitamin might not be enough to overcome this deficiency. Your annual physical with your primary care doctor is the best time to bring up questions like these about nutrition, vitamins, or other general health topics. Of course, you should also feel free to ask your doctor about these at any time!

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