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"Can getting a flu shot make me sick?"

ZocdocAnswersCan getting a flu shot make me sick?


I don?t want to get the flu, but I?ve never gotten a flu shot before. I?ve heard it can make you sick. Is this true?


The flu shot is an important public health tool, because it helps both prevent cases of the flu and also makes cases that are contracted less severe. Therefore, doctors recommend flu shots for many sectors of the general population, especially the elderly, those with chronic illness, young children, and people who work in health care. Fortunately, the flu shot is very safe and well tolerated. Nevertheless, there is a popular myth that one can get sick from getting the flu shot. Although there can be some symptoms from the flu shot, they are usually very mild and don't usually cause much of a problem. By far the most common type of symptom that you might have after getting a flu shot is some mild soreness at the site of the shot. This usually goes away in a few days. The other common type of symptom from the shot is some mild fatigue, muscle soreness or feverish sensation, again which usually goes away within a day or so. There is another type of flu vaccine, which involves inhaling the vaccine into the nose. This vaccine can cause some mild cold like symptoms for a few days. Please talk to your doctor for more information about the flu shot!

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