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"Could the reddish bruise on my knee be a sign of internal bleeding?"

ZocdocAnswersCould the reddish bruise on my knee be a sign of internal bleeding?


When I was walking through my apartment, I caught my knee on a low table. The bruise is reddish in color and hurts pretty bad. Could this be internal bleeding?


It sounds like you hit your knee pretty hard on that table. Any time you hit any part of your body on a hard object, there is always the potential to break small blood vessels under the skin. This can cause internal bleeding. This small amount of bleeding causes a bruise. Bruises are typically blue in color and are not a huge concern for your health. Your injury sounds a little different. A reddish bump is usually a sign of a bit more blood and can happen when the injury is more severe. We call a collection of blood like this a hematoma. Most of the time, these injuries heal themselves. However, sometimes these bruises can represent more severe injuries that should be looked into. If you are a person that has bruised easy with other minor injuries, then you may have a blood clotting disorders. These are disorders in which the blood does not clot as easily which results in more bleeding when the blood vessels break. I think that you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can take a close look at your knee and make sure that the joint is not injured more than a simple bruise.

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