ZocdocAnswersWhat?s the best way to quit smoking?


What?s the best way to quit smoking?

I need to quit smoking because I am trying to get pregnant with my husband. I?ve heard of prescriptions and things like that. Should I just quit cold turkey or take something to help me quit like the patch?


Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult processes. This is truly an achievement. However, as I am sure you aware, this is an achievement worth pursuing -- for both your future child and yourself. Congratulations on making the decision -- this is the first step. Unfortuantely, there is no easy way, but fortunately there are many aids that can help. I would STRONGLY recommend that you see your doctor to help in this journey. The data suggests that using aids helps people quit smoking at a higher rate than doing it by themselves "cold turkey." There are multiple aids your doctor can help you with. The first is a getting advice from a professional. 1-800-QUIT-NOW is a number than provides resources available in your state and can put you in touch with trained counselor. They can also give you a structure to your quitting, like setting a quit date and helping you with techniques. Your doctor can also prescribe medications to help. For example, nicotine patches can help. Nicotine gums are alos helpful. Electronic cigarrettes also are a new and sometimes helpful device. Chantix is a medication that can also help -- although is not recommended in pregnant women. Your doctor can help. I would encourage you talk to him or her. Good luck!

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