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"Is being dizzy a lot a symptom of something serious?"

ZocdocAnswersIs being dizzy a lot a symptom of something serious?


When I get up from sitting down, I?m always dizzy. I don?t get up too fast or anything. Is this a symptom of anything?


Dizziness can come from or be caused by many different things, some of which are serious and some of which are benign (not concerning for more than the symptoms that they cause). Regardless of the cause, the symptoms themselves can be extremely problematic for many people. What you seem to be describing is a dizziness that comes as you stand, which could be a sign of your body having some delay in regulating blood flow to your head. Usually, the response of the body to the force of gravity that acts when you stand is immediate: your heart rate will pick up briefly and the blood vessels in your legs and other parts of your body will react to increase blood flow to make up for the blood that is repositioned by gravity. In some people, this process can be delayed at one of the many steps involved, which will lead to dizziness. Others will have this problem more pronounced when they are dehydrated. Regardless of the reason that you are having this dizziness, it is something that should be evaluated by a physician to make sure that there is nothing more serious. Please see your doctor to discuss this issue.

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