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"What causes nose bleeds?"


I get a nose bleed every so often. I am not scared that it is something serious, but what causes a nose bleed?


Nose bleeds (also known as epistaxis) are a very common problem. They are usually benign and do not require immediate emergency medical attention. However, sometimes they are severe and require medical attention from a specialist.

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The most common cause of nose bleeds is trauma to the nose. This is most often in the form of nose picking, or from blunt trauma to the face. Often a contributing factor is dry nasal passages that make the nose easier to injure and bleed. Besides trauma, other common cause of nose bleeds is infection. If you have had an upper respiratory tract infection recently, then this will make your nose more susceptible to bleeds. Finally, if you have a disorder that affects your blood clotting, you can be more susceptible to all kinds of bleeding including nose bleeds. If your nose bleeds continue, then you may need to have a thorough nose exam to determine where the bleeding is coming from and how best to stop it. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with an ear nose and throat doctor (ENT doctor). An ENT has the tools in his or her office to perform such a nose exam and can provide treatment if necessary. Good luck.

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