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"What should I do about dizziness, brain fog and headaches?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do about dizziness, brain fog and headaches?


FOr the past few weeks I have been experiencing some symptoms including dizziness, brain fog, headaches, and head/ear pressure. The Dizzy spells seem to come on mostly when I am seated (desk/car) and the best I can describe them is that I feel like I'm falling or things are moving and I need to shake it off or stand up and move. Sometimes it even comes with that physical feeling in your chest of falling and I feel like I will faint. The brain fog is also pretty bad and usually comes with that sensation and makes it impossible to work. I have had anxiety in the past but it's never manifest itself like this before. It seems like the typical breathing tricks don't help either. Could it still just be anxiety rearing its ugly head in another way? When should I see a medical doctor, if at all? What else could this be and am I endangering people by driving?


I would strongly recommend that you see a doctor. This requires evaluation by your primary care physician. To state the obvious, the brain is an important and very vital organ. It is comprised of a complicated intricate system of physical and electrical connections -- so even the smallest problem can cause significant troubles. While these symptoms may be caused by something minor, there could be a serious problem that should be evaluated and ruled out. First, one needs to ensure that there is no traumatic injury to the brain like a bleed or a stroke. This can be evaluated by your doctor and if necessary by some imaging of the brain. Another possibility that should be ruled out is if this represents abnormal electrical activity -- or a seizure. This can cause the symptoms you describe and require treatment. Other possibilities include migraines (they aren't always associated with headaches) or inner ear problems. Rarely, infections in the inner ear can cause these problems. This can very likely be a manifestation of anxiety or a panic attack. Fortunately these can be treated by your doctor with either medicines you take once a day to prevent this or only when you feel this. Talk to your doctor -- evaluation and potential treatment should be done. Good luck!

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