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"Can not stretching before I ran have caused my hip to hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersCan not stretching before I ran have caused my hip to hurt?


I run a lot for exercise. I didn?t stretch yesterday and now my left hip hurts when I move my leg. Is it because I didn?t stretch?


Most aches and pains from running are actually simply the result of over training (running too fast or running too far) or of training on hard surfaces (running on concrete). Running is one of the higher impact forms of aerobic exercises, and the forces of your body hitting the pavement are transmitted up your legs into your knees and hips. Stretching may help you be able to train harder or longer without having these injuries, and so you should definitely make it part of your routine. Especially, certain types of over use injuries associated with running, such as iliotibial band syndrome, are very responsive to stretching out the affected, stiffened connective tissue. In general, however, you should try to avoid running so long or so hard that you have significant pain afterwards. If you are in pain, you should let your body recuperate before going at it again. Make sure you always wear a good pair of shoes, and change them out when they start to wear down. If the pain is not improving with rest and backing off a bit on your training regimen, you should go see your primary care doctor just to make sure there is not a more serious injury going on.

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