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"Can hot weather cause my migraines to be more frequent?"

ZocdocAnswersCan hot weather cause my migraines to be more frequent?


In my early thirties. When I was around 25 I started getting migraine headaches. I find that I get them much more often in the summer, even if I?m not actually out in the sun. Could the warmer temperatures cause me to have more migraines?


Migraines, as you know, are unfortunately a very common type of headache. Migraine headache severity and frequency are in fact influenced by all sorts of different types of environmental factors. However, each patient is different, so it is hard to predict exactly which factors will be important for which patient. For this reason, it is important for each person with migraine headaches to determine which factors seem to be associated with the headaches and try to eliminate them and see if it makes a difference. Some of the more common factors that individuals report as being associated with migraines include alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep, and various types of foods (for example, processed foods). An association between migraine and changes in the weather (for example, you report they worsen in the summer) is not one of the most common associations, but there are definitely people who do have this experience! You should talk to your primary care doctor about how to control your migraines better, if the frequency or severity is becoming worse. There are multiple medications which can be taken to control migraines and also to prevent them. Together with your doctor you can come up with a good plan!

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