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"Is the pain on the left side of my body caused by a problem with my appendix?"


There is pain on only the left side of my body that has been going on for 2 weeks now. I?m healthy, male, and 22 years old. Pain starts in my stomach. Is it my appendix? Or my spleen maybe?


Does anything make your pain better or worse? Is it associated with anything, such as eating or drinking? Does going to the bathroom relieve this pain? Have you had any fevers or chills associated with this? Is it tender anywhere along your abdomen? Have you had any change to your diet? These are important questions to consider and discuss with your primary care doctor. The answers to these questions along with your medical history and presenting symptoms will help him or her decide upon the appropriate work up and possible treatment options that may be available. He or she may want to order lab tests or imaging studies or even refer you to a specialist depending on what is found.

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In general, there are many possibilities that could be causing this pain although the appendix is on the right side of your body so this is less likely. In any case, it is important that you are seen by a primary care doctor.

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