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"How long does nicotine withdrawal take to go away?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long does nicotine withdrawal take to go away?


I?ve been smoking for about a year. I?m a female, age 21. I?m afraid of quitting because of withdrawal symptoms. How long do they usually last?


Have you ever tried to quit smoking before? People who have tried to quit smoking before and have had difficulty with it are at a higher risk of taking longer and not being able to quit. Do you drink or have any other problems with addiction (gambling, etc)? Having an addictive personality gives you a higher risk for being unable to quit smoking. These are important questions to consider and discuss with your primary care doctor who will be best able to take the information from these questions, along with your medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical exam and decide upon the appropriate work up and possible treatment options available In general, every person is different and so the withdrawal effects from nicotine can be very different depending on each person. On the other hand, there are many new medications and treatment options available that can help ease the difficult transition to stopping smoking. There are medications as well as nicotine replacement options, as well as group therapy that are all good at helping quit the habit for good. However you do it, it is always a good idea to quit smoking whenever you can.

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