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"Is it safe to make yourself vomit?"


Kind of embarrassing, but I drank way too much last night. My friend told me to make myself throw up, so I put my finger in my throat. I felt better, but is this a safe thing to do? My throat really hurt today.


Overall, it is never recommended that you make yourself vomit. There are several reasons for this, but I will only discuss the most important ones. The first reason is that if you feel sick enough after drinking alcohol that you want to throw up, then you may have drank a dangerous amount of alcohol.

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The feeling of nausea when you have too much to drink is you body sending you a signal that the amount of alcohol you have in your blood is getting dangerous. The vomiting reflex is there to get rid of that alcohol. If this happens again, you should seek medical attention instead of making yourself throw up. The second reason that you should not do this is that vomiting when you are intoxicated increases the chances that you will aspirate your vomit (this is where you inhale the vomit into the lungs). Aspirating vomit can cause pneumonia and even impair your lungs to the point where they can't work properly. For this reason, it is never a good idea to make yourself vomit when you are intoxicated. The best place for you to go next time this happens is the emergency room where an emergency physician can evaluate your situation and treat you if needed.

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