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"Will a drug screening come out positive if I take sleeping pills?"

ZocdocAnswersWill a drug screening come out positive if I take sleeping pills?


I take over the counter sleeping pills pretty often to help with insomnia. I have to take a drug test for my new job. Will this make me fail my drug test?


What type of sleeping medication do you take and how often do you take it? Certain sleeping medications have medications that will show up in a toxicology screen, such as benzodiazepines. When was the last time you took a sleeping medication and when is your drug screen to happen? Do you take any other drugs, either prescribed, over the counter, or street drugs that may show up on your drug screen? It is important to consider this because more than one drug may show up depending on what you have taken. You should speak with your doctor about other options to help you sleep. Your doctor may recommend other methods to help you sleep at night that are either medications (which should not show up positive on your drug screen) or behavioral and these may help you in the long run improve your sleeping at night. In the short term, you may consider discussing with your company what drugs are tested on the screen and seeing what medication is used in your sleeping pills. You should discuss these concerns with your primary care doctor who will best be able to answer your question.

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