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"Why is the top of my left foot swollen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is the top of my left foot swollen?


Top of left foot, right before the toes. Doesn't hurt unless I put pressure on it. I haven't bumped it. it's not discolored much. The size is almost all the way across my foot width wise, and about half length wise.


Foot swelling is a worrisome symptoms. This should be evaluated by your primary care physician. I would strongly recommend that you see him or her in the near future. If your symptoms worsen -- please go to the emergency room. The most common cause of foot swelling is inflammation. Inflammation can be caused by two major causes (1) infection -- this often causes redness, warmth, pain as well -- which does not seem to be what you are experiencing (2) sterile inflammation. Sterile inflammation can take many forms, for example, arthritis and inflammation in the joints (you are describing the area over the metatarsal-phalyngeal or MTP joints). This can be caused by either inflammation in the body (like rheumatoid arthritis) or repetitive injury (like running with bad shoes etc). Rarely, a fracture in the foot can cause this. There are other causes of foot swelling -- such as blood clots. This often causes swelling more in the calf than the foot. In addition, heart problems, kidney problems and liver problems can all be serious causes of foot swelling -- but this most often causes swelling in both feet. Talk to your doctor. This should be evaluated to ensure there is not significant problem. Good luck!

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