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"What is this blood pressure condition called? Is it safe?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this blood pressure condition called? Is it safe?


When the blood pressure drops so suddly upon standing from a sitting postion?


A sudden drop in blood pressure with standing is known as orthostasis. This can be a very dangerous condition and is NOT safe to have without an evaluation. I would recommend that you see your doctor if you are experiencing this. Orthostasis is a very dangerous condition. This is very dangerous as it can result in syncope -- a transient loss of consciousness caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. If your body cannot maintain a normal blood pressure -- this is a concern. Your blood pressure is how your body provides blood to all the important organs of your body. Without a high blood pressure, these organs can be damaged. This condition can be caused be a number of conditions, some of which are very dangerous. Heart problems, infections and problems with hormones (like adrenal insufficency and thyroid problems) are some of the most common causes. In the summer, dehydration can be a common cause. Patients who acutely have significant blood loss also experience. As you can see from the list, many of theses causes are life threatening. There are some minor causes as well. I would strongly recommend you have this evaluated. It can be a sign of a very dangerous condition. Good luck!

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