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"What does a kinesiologist do?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does a kinesiologist do?


I have this sort of constant pain on the whole left side of my body, like a constant soreness. My boss at work says she goes to a kinesiologist and it helps her with muscle pain. What does a kinesiologist do exactly?


Kinesiology is the study of body movements or kinetics. Applied kinesiology is considered "alternative medicine", and often utilized by chiropractors. Its premise is that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a weakness in a specific corresponding muscle, more specifically the viscerosomatic relationship. Thus, manual testing is conducted on different muscle groups to subjectively gauge the "visceral" imbalance, and subsequently guide treatment. Practitioners may use joint manipulation or mobilization, myofascial, cranial sacral therapy, clinical nutrition, and dietary counseling. This practice is frequently critiqued for its lack of scientific evidence and is not currently shared by mainstream medicine. Pain is the body's way of telling you something is not quite right. It could be a simple local muscle contusion or strain or something much more complex from a different part of your body. This is called referral pain and it could be a gall bladder stone, gastritis, ulcers, and hernia, etc... Thus, it is really difficult to tell what causes one person's pain versus another person's. Likewise, a perfect treatment for one person may actually be harmful to someone else. It is best to get an thorough evaluation to rule out "badness". I would start with a primary care doctor first who can assess your pain, potential problems and treatments. You should also feel free to ask your PCP about alternative treatments such as applied kinesiology, acupuncture, and massage, etc... These therapies have been around for a long time and in an appropriate setting can be helpful. But I would advise getting an evaluation to look for problems first before trying various treatments.

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