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"Should I see an ophthalmologist about the pain behind my eye?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I see an ophthalmologist about the pain behind my eye?


Weird pain/sensation behind my eye. Almost feels like my eye is dry and now my brow is kind of sore too. What is this? Should I go to an eye doctor or just my family doctor?


I would recommend starting out with a visit to your primary care physician, and pending on their comfort with your particular problem, they may decide to refer you to a specialist (in this case my guess would be to an ophthalmologist or an ENT). Since I am unable to look through your medical records, ask you questions, or examine you, I can only give you my thoughts as to some of the possibilities as to what might be going on. There are many different processes that can give ocular pain (eye pain) some of them located within the orbit (eye socket) or the eye itself. However there are many disease processes that can manifest themselves as pain around the eye that aren't actually related to the eye itself. Sinus disease is a relatively common problem that can give both brow pain and referred ocular pain. There are paranasal sinuses (ethmoid sinuses) that can be come infected, or full of polyps that can cause eye pain. Also there is something called the frontal sinuses that could potentially give brow pain. Rarely sinus disease (or sinus masses) can progress to erode through the medial wall of the orbit (lamina paprycea) and into the orbit itself. This can cause the eyeball to protrude and can affect vision. If you have any vision change at all, I would recommend making an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Otherwise I would start with your primary care physician. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that this is helpful.

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