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"What is a ?superfood??"

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I see the word ?superfood? on a lot of things at the grocery store. Its on things like fruit juice and drinks and vegetables and nuts too. What is a superfood? Should I be eating these foods if I?m not already?


Superfood is a claim that is made often for many foods. This however is essentially a marketing strategy -- a way to advertise foods -- and has little to no basis in medical science. I would recommend discussing your concerns with your doctor. It is also possible that your doctor can refer you to a dietician -- a nutrition specialist -- who can further help you identify foods that you should incorporate into your diet. A superfood is a claim made for foods that supposedly have a high number of vitamins, mineral and/or anti-oxidants. That being said, there is no legal definition. This is simply a term that companies put on foods to help sell them. In fact, in Europe, the term is banned as it is essentially thought of as false advertising. That being said, there are some foods that are more nutritious for you than others. Your body requires a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fat etc in order to properly function. Unfortunately, no one food contains all the required elements. Therefore a wide range and balance of foods are needed. In this regard a dietician can help guide you to the food groups that are the best for your health. Good luck!

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