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"Is having a cyst in my wrist a danger to my health?"

ZocdocAnswersIs having a cyst in my wrist a danger to my health?


There is a cyst in my wrist, like right on the bone on the left side. I had it taken care of by my doc once, but it is back. Should I see the doctor again or is it okay if I just leave it alone?


In general, most lumps around the wrist and hand are ganglion cysts. If you have a ganglion cyst, it is not cancerous and will not spread to other parts of your body even though it may grow in size. When it becomes large enough, it will begin to put pressure on surrounding bone structures and can be extremely painful. How did your previous doctor treat your cyst? The treatment of aspirating the fluid by inserting a needle into your cyst may work; this treatment usually leaves the cyst lining behind, and the ganglion cyst will return about 50% of the time. I suggest a visit to a doctor soon. It is important to have your cyst checked out by a primary doctor to ensure it is simply a ganglion cyst and rule out other type of tumors such as a lipoma (giant cell tumor), infections, carpal bossing (bone spur) and other serious conditions that can cause lumps around the wrist. If the diagnosis is ganglion cyst, the doctor may recommend a surgical procedure to more effectively remove the ganglion cyst. Hope this helps.

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