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"What is the white patch on the inside of my lip?"


Bit my lip really hard last week and it won?t heal. Now there?s like a white patch or something on the inside of my lip. What is this? Will it go away?


Depending on how hard you actually bit your lip, and if there was a small laceration or maceration of the tissue (crushing), then there could be an area that is devitalized (lost its blood supply). This would explain the color change. Typically the tissue that is devitalized will slough off on its own without any intervention.

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However if it is a very large area, or if it is still present after a couple of weeks, then I would suggest making an appointment with an otolaryngologist (ENT, aka Ears Nose Throat) physician to be evaluated. There are definitely other things that can make white lesions within the mouth. One of the most common is something called thrush. It is a superficial fungal infection that is typically easily treated once diagnosed accurately. There are more worrisome lesions (cancers) that can be present in the oropharynx as well, but from what I have heard of your story it doesn't seem that this would be very likely. All the more reason however to get evaluated if it hasn't healed after a few weeks. I hope that this information is helpful. Best of luck.

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