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"How long will it be before I know if my jaw surgery worked?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long will it be before I know if my jaw surgery worked?


My jaw was really out of wack. It was way higher on the left side than the right side, so I had orthognathic surgery to fix it, but I don?t think it worked. It?s been like six months since my surgery. How long should my jaw take to be normal? Will it ever be normal?


Sorry to hear that you needed orthognathic surgery to fix your jaw. I am also sorry to hear that you feel like 6 months after your surgery your jaw still isn't feeling quite "normal". Since I don't have your medical records to know exactly what your pre-surgical X-rays look like, and exactly what was done surgically, it is hard for me to give you information as to what your post-op course should be. If your surgeon had to move the bone of your jaw significantly, they likely had to cut the bone (osteotomies) and move it into the new position. Then using plates and screws it is held in its new position while the bone heals. Depending on how much they had to move it it will usually heal in a couple (2-3) months. The healing of the bone can be confirmed post-operatively with X-rays which some surgeons choose to do. Aside from the healing of the bone, there can also be a significant amount of soft tissue swelling which, pending on the extent of the surgery, can take a long time to resolve. This may be affecting your bite, or how your jaw "feels". However I would recommend having this discussion with your surgeon. If you don't think that you are comfortable discussing this with your surgeon, they it is perfectly reasonable to seek out a second opinion from an Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMFS). I wish you all the best and hope that your jaw improves.

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