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"Is there a medical condition associated with sweating too much?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a medical condition associated with sweating too much?


Not overweight or anything, but I sweat all the time. Anytime I?m even a little hot, I sweat a lot. Is this a medical problem?


The amount of sweating that certain individuals do is largely determined by genetic factors. There is a wide variation in the degree of the sweat response to heat; some people seem to sweat hardly at all, while others sweat profusely at even the slightest provocation. Generally speaking, however, this is perfectly normal and is like to be just your personal variation! Unless you have suddenly noticed a change in the amount of sweating you are doing, or if you find now that you are sweating in situations that you did not used to sweat in, then I would not worry about this. Even though there are some medical conditions that can produce heat intolerance and sweating, such as problems with the thyroid gland, these would come on over a period of a few weeks to months. It sounds like what you are dealing with is rather just the way it has always been for you. On the other hand, if you have noticed a change, then get in to see your primary care doctor. If you find that you are sweating so profusely that it is a social problem, then you should see your doctor about that also, as there are treatments available.

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