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"Could there be a psychological reason why food doesn't taste good to me?"

ZocdocAnswersCould there be a psychological reason why food doesn't taste good to me?


For the past two weeks, food just hasnt tasted good, and its killing my appetite. I take anti-depressants prescribed by a psychiatrist. Is my depression related to my appetite? I'm an otherwise healthy female, for the most part.


One possibility is that your lack of appetite (or, more accurately, your sense that food doesn't taste good) is related to depression. Depression can have many affects on the senses and it can profoundly affect appetite. Therefore, if your depression is not under good control I think this is the mostly likely possibility and you should talk to your psychiatrist. Another possibility would be that this is a medication side effect. In some people, for example, certain mood and anti depressant medications may cause a taste in the mouth which may interfere with how food tastes. If you have recently changed medications or changed doses of medications, this may be what is going on. There are also other reasons to have trouble with the taste of food. For example, heartburn or acid reflux disease can cause a sour taste in the mouth which may make food taste bad. Nasal allergies or sinusitis may interfere with the smell of food which, in effect, also interferes with the taste of food. I would suggest that you see either your primary care doctor or your psychiatrist (or both) to discuss the issue and see what together you can turn up. Good luck!

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