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"Do scars really last forever or do they eventually go away?"

ZocdocAnswersDo scars really last forever or do they eventually go away?


I'm 18 and a cheerleader. I broke my ankle cheering and had to have surgery. Now I've got a big scar on my ankle that I don't like. I'm afraid it will be there all ugly forever. Could I have plastic surgery to fix it?


Sorry to hear that your broke your ankle - fortunately you are back on your feet, and it sounds like you are doing fairly well overall! Generally speaking, the scars that you get after any surgery or accident do take months to years to mature and evolve. Most scars are pinkish or reddish at first as the tissue heals together and requires a lot of blood flow. Once the initial phase of healing is done, the scars do tend to retract (get smaller) and fade somewhat into the the surrounding skin both in terms of texture and color. You will almost certainly have a scar forever, but it shouldn't be as obvious or discolored if you just give it some time! If you have waited for quite a while and still there is no change and the scar is still a major cosmetic concern for you, then you could consider seeing a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to see if some cosmetic work could or should be done on the scar. Dermatologists, for example, can sometimes use peels or dermabrasion techniques to minimize scar bumpiness and to help them blend in better with the background skin.

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