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"Will the black spot in my toe nail go away?"

ZocdocAnswersWill the black spot in my toe nail go away?


Hit my toe real hard on my bed, now there's a black spot in it. Will it go away on its own? The toe won't stop hurting either.


A black spot under your toenail has a few causes. Since you have recently sustained trauma to your toenail, you develop a condition called hematoma, or blood under the nail, that causes a bruise. They can take a long time to clear up. Sometimes the black spot does not go away until it grows out with the nail. You may also end up with a dead toenail that eventually falls off and have to wait until it regrows into a new, healthy toenail. Toenails grow at a much slower pace than fingernails and can take a while to completely replace themselves. If you do lose your toenail, full replacement of your toenail normally takes about 3 months, and your new toenail will likely be a bit wavy, thin in some areas and thicker in the others. After 4-5 months, you should have a normal looking toenail. Since there is blood under the toenail with nowhere to go, and it is pressing on the nail, it's causing great pain. If your pain does not subside soon, I would advise you seeking help from a doctor, who can drain the blood out and will evaluate it to ensure it has not become infected. You should take infection seriously. If you continue to hurt and the pain increases, this is a bad sign. Toe infection can lead to blood infection, gangrene, and worse, especially if you have diabetes. See a primary care doctor or podiatrist.

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