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"Does having one hernia make it more likely you will have another one?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes having one hernia make it more likely you will have another one?


I had a hernia repaired about a year ago, but now I have a similar pain in my ab muscle. Is it another hernia? Does having one mean I'll have them my whole life? I'm only 25, male.


Sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Any persistent abdominal pain needs to be checked out by your primary care doctor just to make sure it is not something serious. So, if you are having recurrent pain you should definitely talk to your doctor. It is certainly possible this pain is related to your hernia but there are other causes as well that need to be thought about. Depending on the type of hernia, it is possible for them to recur. For example, hernias through surgical scars on the abdomen or through the muscles on the front of the abdominal wall can sometimes recur, even after surgical repair. Especially if you notice a bulge that comes and goes, this is more likely to be a hernia. Your doctor can confirm this for you, at which point you might need to see a surgeon again. If the hernia was inguinal (down in the groin region), these can also recure after surgery, although less frequently. People with an inguinal groin hernia are sometimes predisposed to develop another hernia on the other groin. Start by describing your symptoms to your primary care doctor, who will help figure out whether this is a hernia or not!

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