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"Does a broken nose just heal on its own?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes a broken nose just heal on its own?


Got blasted in the face with a soccer ball and pretty sure I broke my nose. It hurts, but it isn't crooked or bleeding or anything. Do I have to have it set? Will it heal ok on its own?


If you took a hard blow to the nose and it hurts significantly, you should see your primary care doctor. The goal of having the nose examined by your doctor is just to make sure there is no instability of the bones in the nose, large bruise inside the nose, or other finding that would require immediate treatment. If you are checked out and your doctor does not find any of these serious findings then what you said in your question is correct - the treatment for a nose injury is mostly just watching and waiting for the pain and swelling to go down. The fact that the nose is not crooked or deformed or bleeding are all good signs that make the likelihood of a serious injury much less. When you go to see your doctor, they will have some recommendations for you to help with the pain and the swelling. These may include anti inflammatory medications like ibuprofen as well as treatment with ice packs. Obviously, you will want to rest and avoid any other vigorous activities that might put you at risk of reinjuring the nose until things have healed up.

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