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"How does having your gall bladder out affect your health?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does having your gall bladder out affect your health?


My dad had his gall bladder out. What will happen to his body? Will he get sick more now?


A cholecystectomy is an operation in which the gall bladder is removed. It is one of the most common types of surgery performed and is a generally well tolerated procedure. Most of the time, the gall bladder is removed because it becomes infected, or because it produces gall bladder stones which can be painful and dangerous. The gall bladder's normal function is to store a substance called bile. Bile is used by the gastrointestinal tract for the digestion of fats. Thus, the gall badder is most active just after a fatty meal. Even without the gall bladder, the gastrointestinal tract still gets a some of the bile it needs straight from the liver. Thus problems with digestion only occur when people eat very fatty meals (that would require a large amount of bile). As long as your father alters his diet to contain meals with low or moderate amounts of fat, he will probably be fine. I suggest that your father schedule an appointment with his surgeon. The surgeon that performed his procedure is the best physician to explain the effects of a cholecystectomy. He or she can review any changes your father needs to make to his diet now that he has his gall bladder out.

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