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"Why does my hand shake in the morning?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my hand shake in the morning?


When I wake up, my right hand is shaky. I try to pick things up and it shakes. It goes away as the day goes on. I'm 33 years old and male. Is something wrong with my hand?


There are a couple different reasons for tremor in the hands. First, if your are fatigued, sometimes this comes out in the muscles as a tremor. It can be worsened by caffeine, such as coffee or soda. Fatigue alone as a cause of muscle shaking would be unusual just in the mornings, however, as one would think that that is when you would be at your least fatigued. A second cause would be essential tremor. This is a relatively benign neurological condition of unknown cause in which a part of the body (usually the hands) shakes, primarily when trying to perform an action as opposed to when at rest. Essential tremor is also worsened by caffeine, like a fatigue tremor. There are several medications which can be used effectively to decrease the severity of essential tremor. Other causes of tremor would be unlikely in a young man, but still need to be ruled out by your doctor. These would include Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. Often the tremor with movement disorders is worse at rest rather than with action. Either way, I would start by seeing your primary care doctor or a neurologist; they will be able to help you figure this tremor out.

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